Multimedia work by Roadwork Dance with the bands Bermuda Bonnie and I'm Turning Into... followed by performances from New Atlantic Youth and PORCHES.


Panel  Discussion @ Vaudeville Park

Evening of panel discussions about the future of DIY spaces and artist survival in the Bushwick/Williamsburg neighborhoods, led by Ian Coletti, Valerie Kuehne, Esther Neff, Veronica Daughtry, and more [free to public]


Workshop & Performances @ Brooklyn Fireproof

Gallery curated by Jen Hitchings featuring works by members of the illPinto gallery in Bushwick. Performances by Matt Vorzimer the eCUSSIONISTCo Lab [Experiments in Collaboration] (dance, live accompaniment, and a visual light installation), and DJ set by Peter Fonda. Talk back workshop on Mutant Collectives led by Nsumi Collective.


Performance @ House of Yes

Performances by Pocket Engine/Nora Petroliunas DanceRoadwork Dance,Allison Jones DanceJangulaArchie PelagoELSA and the awesomeAWESOMES, Suge Knight Shyamalan, Katrina Cunningham, spoken word by Bogar AlonsoJoyce LeeAnnCorinna Bain, and films by Josh Azzarellaand Diana shpungin. Curators: Kat Rhodes (Dance), Caryn Coleman Mojica (Films), Pete McHugh (Music), and Katrina Cunningham (Spoken Word). All photos below by Rachael Shane.