Throughout 2016, PitchBlak Brass Band explored their collaborative project The PitchBlak Playlist with a live performance the last Sunday of every month at Manhattan Inn. Each show featured a different guest hip-hop artist -- some emerging, some established -- in an evening of collaborations musically directed and arranged by PitchBlak members, redefining the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop.

More about PitchBlak Brass Band 

Hip Hop music has always been unafraid to push boundaries. Perhaps because it simultaneously came from nothing yet came from everything, the genre stands alone in how creatively outside influences can be incorporated into its musical mix.

PitchBlak Brass Band uses the epic sounds of tubas, trombones, saxophones and other typically non-hip hop instruments in the spirit of The Roots and some of rap’s iconic live bands, to deliver an energy that samples, loops and breakbeats can’t always capture. Their blend of soundscapes and lyrical exuberance creates a grand adventure in listening, one that can hold the attention of music fans from across a fairly wide spectrum.

-Manny Faces, Birthplace Magazine